Em Wex


the ocean blue

and then i became a mermaid

we could reverse those waters to see how the precipitation
collected from such a drought
review the sickness below the gut
not on purpose but on accident,

i would fledge it out
mock diseased
not on purpose did i swim to the bottom
where it is colder than your arctic freeze,

warmth settle between the soft blond hairs on my arm
up on the stand
backdive here you go where the warmth can
organize its part
below this life
i went
not on purpose but on accident

confused without beauty
what kind of dangers lie beneath
fish brainedsloppy
tongued heart
am sworn to secrecy
by the warmth that lives below

what fun

she learned such bravery
or apology

the volume had its cost
such an economy
would not sustain its loss

beauty never tells
how to
its deed

capacious as the sea
celestial break broke through
the sun’s light on the top
how could you deny
such ocean blue?

without incident, finally
and then i became a mermaid
and then i was free                  —       emily wexler